Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Go to the Bank on Great Customer Service

Just wanted to enter an event that illuminates Good Customer Service Principles #1" Everyone wants to go to Cheers University - where everyone knows your name and is glad you came..." (For a copy of the 15 Principles of Good Customer Service, just click the link . Be pleased to send it.) We opened a second office in Columbus, OH leaving the Bethpage opffice to work exclusively on tech solutions like Leadwise, a personalized catalogue creator and websites that really work. As a result, I needed to move some bank acounts to Columbus from Long Island.

At first I was ambivalent about moving the banking acounts from one bank because I enjoyed banking at the North Fork Bank branch in Nesconset, NY. And it wasn't because they had free Vermont Coffee wating for customers. The people, especially John Lugo and Corrie Wong made it very easy, convenient and even pleasurable to do my banking there.

As a result, I actually thought about staying with North Fork and banking by distance.Now that was a dumb thought because of the issues of banking from Columbus to Nesconset, NY but I considered it because John and Corrie actually treated me with service and personal attention that banks used to provide rather than the cold, commercialism of the current corporate industrial bank complex. These two obviously provided a level of customer service that made me feel personally welcome and valued to the point that I would consider a decision that was not necessarily in my best interest.And what did they do? Took the time to learn my name. Always said hello. Asked to help and then did. Suggested additional services or banking assistance to solve any problem and make my life easier. And took an extra minute to talk with me not as a banking customer but a person.The result. I was not happy to leave their branch. Hope you see their point.

Take an additional minute to turn your business into a "cheery" place where you at least make everyone feel like you know their name. And you and your people should always make everyone who comes in feel that you are very glad they came. Give everyone a smile and a hello certainly, then do what Corrie and John did. Make each customer feel valued. It is the value you provide to a customer that increases your value. And your sales and referrals. Heck, this blog is a referral for Northfork after all. Free marketing of the best sort.

If you want to call them and ask about great service mattering, try them at North Fork Bank, Nesconset Branch. Knowing them they'd be glad to help.Have a comment, thought or question? Write and Post it here or the link below, or call me Neal Raisman 413.219.6939

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